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Teaching Methodology

‘’Education is not about learning facts but its about learning how to think, It is learning to make right choices, It is learning to live with a purpose.’’

The school offers the best opportunities of growth and development. The academic front is manned by a well qualified, competent faculty with unmatched zeal and focus to sensitize students to real life concerns and also instill feelings of nationalism and communal harmony.

Promoting Discussion Through Classroom Discourse

While strongly believing in the philosophy of having interactive classroom sessions, we motivate and encourage our students to participate in classroom discussion during the ongoing learning sessions.

Honing Up the Oratory Skill

Scripting a successful career requires a persuasive public speaking. We are aware of this most important trait to walk upward on the path of success. From the very outset, we infuse the lessons of confidence amongst our students to be an effective speaker while alleviating the stage-fear from them.

Teaching the Stewardship Through the Customized Pedagogical Approach

Reaching the pinnacle of success needs aggressive yet compassionate stewardship. Our creative pedagogical methods are carefully designed to dig out the potential amongst all our wards and help them become leaders in their respective core areas unfurling the flag of their success through able leadership demonstration.

Holding Workshops for Educating Different Careers Choices

Holding workshops with the aim of educating a variety of career choice is one of the serious routine practices on our campus. In executing this, we give the lessons of introspections, contemplations, likings as well as disliking. These lessons through workshops help our students laying the rudimentary foundations to choose their best career choice along with numerous alternative options.

Developing a Personality of Openness

An open mindset has more chances of getting developed into a versatile individual capable of being an effective manager in life. We chart out a well thought out approach and individualized roadmap as per the need and capacity of every student through the student-teacher collaboration for ensuring development of an openmindset development amongst students giving ways to various rigidities that hamper the growth of mind.